To reschedule an EagleVision class session, you have two options, depending on:

If the course is blended or traditional: You can reschedule the entire class session for another day/time. To do this, you first have to determine if there are any campuses associated with your course (i.e., if you are teaching EagleVision Classroom or EagleVision Hybrid). If there is at least one campus associated with your course, you need to contact each campus to determine if the proposed schedule change is acceptable to that campus.

NOTE: Some campuses do not have classrooms available on days other than your scheduled day/time or cannot extend the scheduled time for the course. If there is availability at the campus(es), you should coordinate with your students to determine the day(s) and time(s) that will allow the greatest participation.

If the class is blended: You may extend the remaining class sessions to meet the required contact hours for the missed session, provided your teaching time does not exceed five hours on a given day (adding 1 hour, 40 minutes to two sessions). Once again, you must coordinate with any associated campuses first—some campuses do not have staff available for extended hours. If the campus(es) is available, the remaining sessions need to be extended by the following amounts:

Once you have determined the new schedule, please let our team know. If neither of these options will work for you, you will need to contact your college and Campus Operations to determine what other arrangements can be made.